A Very Cool Mom

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Amber Bixby and I have been friends for quite a few years. She’s a fantastic comic, and has worked with Voltaic Video to make many of her awesome short films and sketches come to life. She has been kind enough to let me be in some of them. Her web series, Pretty Awful, was one of the best projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of.
Amber Bixby (more…)

Almost Related Podcast – 2015 Christmas Special

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I am very lucky to have cool friends. Norman Wilkerson, Lisa Friedrich, and producer Dustin Svehlak have a very fun podcast called Almost Related, that you should check out if you love Austin comedy. Or just love listening to comics being jackasses to each other, but with special guests!

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Austin Humane Society Dog and Foster Kittens

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Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a bit of a crazy pet lady. I have been a collector of stray animals, injured birds, pregnant hamsters, and defective dogs, since I was old enough to tell creatures without language that they love me. Maybe it was the product of growing up sibling-less, or perhaps it fills a maternal need that I seem to be lacking when it comes to humans. Either way, it is a daily struggle to not fill my two bedroom apartment with every manner of poop-smearing, flea-infested, vomit-monsters; all of which I want to pile on top of me under my covers and to kiss their noses forever.

Shakes, the kitten.

Shakes, the kitten.


The Boys

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Skippy Leland Photography
I have such a good time taking photos of my friends. Especially the boys, because they all pretend like they hate it at first. Arms are akimbo, no one knows what to do with their face. However, there is nothing better than reaching the breaking point where we are all talking and laughing and they don’t even notice the camera. That’s when the best shots appear.



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natasha in austin
Natasha was one of my favorite portrait sessions. We took 20 minutes downtown to take some fun and easy photos in the city. They turned out really beautiful. (more…)

Who We Are

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I started taking pictures like everyone else. On vacation, on my phone, on whatever I could get my hands on. My poor dogs are more exhausted models than Kate Moss.

I decided to start taking it seriously when I knew too many people who couldn’t afford wonderful photographs. Struggling actors can’t pay $500 for one photo, and newlyweds can’t scrape together $4,000 for memories of their new lives together.

My goal is to make you feel completely comfortable (let’s be honest, not many people like having their pictures taken), while creating beautiful images that best reflect your individual personality – and still let you make rent. For that reason, I am always ready to discuss your vision, as well as your price range.

Send me an email, let’s get to work on creating something wonderful!